Thursday, November 13, 2008

The ultimate nightmare

Cello-piano duo is close, but no cigar - Arts: "A critic should really be seated in the audience, and I was given the questionable privelege of sitting on stage with the performers. Rather than being able to focus all my attention on their playing, however, I was occupied turning the pages for Melnikov. I might have enjoyed this concert more had I been able to relax, and I might not have been so critical of Melnikov had I not been following along with the score."

I just found this less than favorable review and consider it the ultimate nightmare. Just think, the performer's worst "enemy", the critic, is turning your pages!! What agony. Just wanted to share this one. Please, find an unbiased page turner next time!
What a hard lesson to learn.

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scriabinist said...

That could very well be a living composer's nightmare. Critics can be severe , and are even when they are seated without the score in hand. You should take a 2nd listen without having to look at the score so you can formulate your opinions based on sound and performance rather than a strict observance of the written notes and dynamics.