Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Justin Markowitz pianist, composer

“Eva Martin’s teachings have helped me a lot from the time I first started taking lessons with her five years ago. She has helped me get as far as I am today. I learned so much about the history of the piano, how to do theory correctly, how to play scales correctly, how to play arpeggios correctly, and even how to memorize songs. The reason I say “correctly” when referring to scales, arpeggios, and theory is because there are wrong ways in which to do and play them. Eva has coached me from playing scales and arpeggios very fast and sloppy to playing scales at a steady pace and immaculate. Eva has taught me that the basics are the most important thing when it comes to playing piano. When learning how to memorize a song, Eva guided me to practice one section at a time. Before I knew it, I was memorizing ten songs in a very short time.
During a class one day, Eva taught me about the history behind the piano and its players. (Such as Bach, Beethoven, and other famous composers)"... "The next week I decided I would write a song in b minor. To make it sound like it was written a long time ago, I decided to make it a waltz. This actually helped inspire me to write the song “Life Cycle”. Eva is the best teacher I have had because she pushes me to do even more than I thought I could do and she devotes so much time to her students each day.” - Justin Markowitz

Justins' proud dad is sharing these links with us:
Hi All,
I wanted to follow up with you on Justin's performance...a smash hit if I do say so myself. The kid's a born performer. If you'd like to see some pix feel free to go to:
You can also go to YouTube to view and listen to both songs: (THANKS to brother Alan!) Here's to many more performances from Justin...bravo! Cheers,Todd

As always, I wish Justin the very best and the greatest time exploring music and his fabulous gift and the sincerest thank you to his parents for getting him this far. Eva