Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the piano lesson | Qomplesso

the piano lesson Qomplesso: "“A pianist must play two versions of the same song simultaneously. Have each version fight and complement the other. While your hands are doing two different things, you must be excellently aware of both, Qimmah. Pulling your mind in several directions and then… Then–if that is not enough to handle– one must offer his/her heart. Putting your spirit behind the duality. And paying special attention to that as well.”
“A lot, yes?”
“A lot…. I believe I can do it though.”
“Ah, that is because Qimmah…”
Please don’t.
“You are destined to attain balance. You Will attain balance. And the piano, as you have come to it, has found you.”"

I found this absolutely great little post about a Buddist Piano Teacher and one lesson. I think, I got balance now. Great way to start learn piano.

Please, enjoy


scriabinist said...

That sounds like a whole new way to approach piano instruction.

In past years, my teacher would say to imagine music in the guise of pure voice for the sake of a melody's distict tones. This applied principally to the 'Art of Fugue' by Bach, which I was learning at the time, always complex in its contrapuntal writing.

Eva Martin Hollaus said...

I was telling a couple of my students, the other day, about this article -- they just don't get to keep up on the reading -- and we had a great laugh, at looking at piano instruction in such different lights.
Amazing that you had the opportunity to study the Art of Fugue by Bach. I had 2 years of Counterpoint in the Music University in Vienna and still cannot consider myself an expert.