Sunday, November 2, 2008

Epoch Times - The Ultimate Goal of a Successful Piano Performance

Epoch Times - The Ultimate Goal of a Successful Piano Performance: "“Mozart’s music contains a sense of the pure innocence of a child, which can make people feel happy and pleasant. If the participants try to use Mozart’s music to boast their skills, they may end up deviating from the original intent conceived by Mozart. Mozart’s music is simple but very hard to perform precisely.”
The first sonata learned by someone starting piano may very well be a Mozart sonata. Yet the same piece may be performed on stage by an outstanding concert pianist. The music of Mozart is a delicate masterpiece in which performers can reveal Mozart’s unique faithfulness, child-like naiveté, truthfulness, and peacefulness."

I tell everyone, the most difficult music to play are second movements of Mozart piano concertos, since there are so few notes to be played but needing to be played so beautifully, requiring artistry, control, creativity and technique to express. It takes mastery of touch to make 1 single note sound beautifully ringing through the entire auditorium, touching the hearts of many listeners.
Of course, the other very difficult pieces are very fast pieces, but that I did not need to mention.
I hope, you feel blessed we are working on these skills daily. Start with beautifully played scales, chords, arpeggios and Hanon exercises. Learn to BREATH while playing your most fundamental pieces and exercises. The more difficult pieces will come in time.
Foremost, enjoy your own playing.

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