Monday, March 28, 2011

19 Students pass the Certificate of Merit™ – Eva Martin Hollaus Piano Studio

19 students from Eva Martin Hollaus Piano Studio in Perris, CA passed the Certificate of Merit ™ musical knowledge examination, yesterday in Riverside, CA at la Sierra University. Students needed to pass a theory examination that had between 100 and 150 questions, they needed to pass sight reading, ear training, technique and performance.

Eva writes:

Hello all:

I can only congratulate everyone for their outstanding efforts in accomplishing this exam.

I would like to highlight: We received this year 4 theory exemptions in the Advanced level, which is the Advanced level theory exam passed at 90% or better and with 150 plus questions that is quite difficult. Congratulations to: Sai Sivapalan, Mitchell Johnson, Sharmini Premananthan and Patrick Xu. Patrick Xu received the highest score of 94% correctly answered theory questions. From now on, all you need is to think about practicing and performing your pieces.  Juliette Beucler and Bret Paddock received their exemption status last year and had a great time playing their program.

Shanti Ryle and Shalini Nair passed both theory and performance which was a requirement for them to receive their graduating Senior Medals and State Certification. They will be specially mentioned in the Branch Honors recital with a biography and they will be awarded their medallion, plaque and state certification.

There were several students who passed Branch Honors – the requirement being CM level 5 and school grade 7 and performance at 4+ minimum and theory passing.

Juliette Beucler, Bret Paddock, Anais Perkins, Cynthia Phan, Sharmini Premananthan, Shanti Ryle, Sai Sivapalan and Patrick Xu.

Juliette Beucler will also perform in the Convention in Oakland this year.

Congratulations to everyone! Your hard work and dedication was awarded.

Sincerely, Eva


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Composition award in piano Guild

My student Cynthia Phan was awarded an Honorable Mention in the International Piano Composition Contest.
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