Sunday, September 12, 2010

Play Piano in All Keys Scales Chords Cadences Arpeggios Fingering Charts

Finally, this far with my videos. They are my first introductions on the piano books online. At least a start, the next ones will show improvements.
Scales, Chords / Cadences, Arpeggios - this book made life so much easier as a teacher getting students through the difficult scales, chords, arpeggios disciplines. We are getting rock solid fingering and actually quite good technique even with low to moderate practice time. Most teachers either hand draw similar charts or resort to note scales on the grand staff. The only question remains: "How quickly do you get 4 octave scales?" I can only say, that it is almost impossible to learn scales, chords - cadences, arpeggios with notes, unless a child practices literally hours a day and acquires the note and scale knowledge that way. But most of my students only practice average 20 - 45 minutes a day. And even here, I can see their progress.

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