Thursday, September 2, 2010

The importance of a solid piano foundation for any creative composer

I thought of taking the time and commenting on the importance of a solid piano playing foundation for creative composers.  Many students come to me as child proteges writing their own music but NO PIANISTIC SKILLS or tonal foundation. This is a heart break time after time. These creative geniuses are 12 - 14 years old, sometimes semi professional, and no technique to fall back on. Quite amazing that they can actually play their own songs which are often quite difficult to play! 
Time after time, have I tested these fingering charts. The complete manual provides giant, easy to read fingering charts for All Major, parallel harmonic, melodic and natural minor scales. No note reading skills are required. The schematic of black and white keys, with accurate finger numbers and note labels is all you will ever need to work technique correctly.  Working technique off fingering charts is the logic way to go about practicing scales foundation: do not bother struggling withe note deciphering while working those fingers. Learn to sight read with sight reading books and learn technique with the Play Piano in All Keys fingering charts. This is your very logic approach.
Also included are all I-IV-V Major and Minor Triads, inversions and cadences and all Arpeggios (Root, 1st, 2nd inversions)
Once any pianist has initially mastered the basic Major, Harmonic, Melodic, Natural minors scales, the cords / cadences and Arpeggios, there is only a "better" with repetitions. But the foundation has been set accurate and that is of greatest importance.
And if you are one of the many adult students, who wants to advance and finally "get the scales and technique", this book is a must. All keys including black keys are included.
Be creative and learn to play in all keys.

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