Thursday, June 23, 2011

Piano Guild IF - Chords/ Cadences Musicianship Phase, Cynthia Phan (13)

Cynthia Phan, age 13 has been playing piano since 4.5 years and is a student of Eva Martin-Hollaus. She enjoys playing piano and participating in various piano festivals and competitions. This year marks her 5th participation in the National Piano Playing auditions in which she performed the chords and cadences in this video. Cynthia learned all her piano chords using Eva Martin's book Play Piano In All Keys Complete Workbook. Cynthia has performed annually in the Piano Guild auditions with a 10 piece program each year. She also completed the MTAC Certificate of Merit (TM) Level 9 this year. Eva Martin's book uses fingering charts that allow a streamlined approach to learning piano technique. Simply progress three times as fast with Play Piano In All Keys Complete Workbook.

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