Thursday, April 7, 2011

Piano Guild Practice instructions Intermediate F, IS Scales Chords Caden...

The Piano Guild auditions are just around the corner. And as a teacher I am always searching for efficient solutions that will take my students to the desired results effortlessly -- well as effortlessly as possible. We still need to practice, but even there Play Piano In All Keys Fingering Charts make all the difference in ease of preparation. I get clean fingering; even very young students can effortlessly learn and review their 1 - 4 octave scales, refresh fingering, patterns, speed, security and sound. I also get effortless chords and cadences and arpeggios.
Before using my fingering charts books, it was quite challenging to say the least, to take students through their 7 piece repertoire and 3 musicianship phases (scales, chords / cadences, arpeggios). but I am adamant about working scales chords cadences and arpeggios and playing repertoire. This is in my opinion the only way how my students can progress so quickly.
Once a student can play a few scales, we can start learning a piece that uses those patterns. How quickly can my students play a scale? Well, I start my scale patterns in the very first piano lesson all ages - so within 2 weeks they can play 1 - 2 octave scales hands separate and together. That's the golden time learning to play piano - they do not know pieces yet and they do not know notes yet and they want to play!!! So it's mechanical patterns first! And at the same time we learn a few notes and beginners method books. Suddenly within a few weeks they play fantastic! - I am talking about ages 5 years on up.
I am posting my Piano Guild instructional videos using my fingering charts books. I hope many students will find how easy it is to accomplish piano scales, chords / cadences and arpeggios and then improve in leaps and bounds learning pieces.

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