Sunday, January 2, 2011

How I gave my family a digital detox

I came across this fantastic article and decided to share it. It is so important to included music, communication, reading and just being there together, rather than just staring at TV or some videos games - or computers. As I am recently saying more and more often:  If everyone would play piano, the world would be a better place!
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The family dramatically increased their enjoyment of music, conversation . . . and sleep

The first day of The Experiment I wake up to a peaceful, almost Zen-like atmosphere in the house. No MTV blaring. No burst of computer- generated anti-aircraft fire from Bill’s room. No pinging, bleeping or — barring the birds outside — chirping of any kind to spoil the quiet.
The background buzz of technology in the household has gone. It feels good.
The only upset is that 14-year-old Sussy has left home. She’s not happy about the new regime and has packed up her gadgets and gone to stay with a friend.
Anni and her friend laugh when they come home at 8pm to find Bill and I eating supper together on the terrace (he’d usually be found hunched over a bowl of cereal or instant noodles in his room as he played his computer games). Anni says it’s ‘creepy’.
I wrote my newspaper column in longhand today. Painful to hand and head. How I miss MS Word and Google! I’m going to have to go to a local cafe to transpose everything on to my laptop then email it.
Had a fight with Anni about dirty dishes

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