Wednesday, July 29, 2009

...Powers of Music Rediscovered...

I came across this wonderful CD of magnificently tuned music -- you can start feeling how everything inside the body relaxes, tensions disappear and well-being returns. Isn't the purpose of music to restore well-being and good feeling? Please, take a look:

"... Powers of Music Rediscovered. ... these seven magical tunings have recently been rediscovered, opening the way for us to empower ourselves and to enhance our physical, emotional and spiritual balance.....The oldest musical tunings known in the world come from the extraordinary and mysterious Sumerian civilization that had flowered by 3500 BC. Unlike any modern Western music, these tunings have unexpected beauty and powers - a kind of music that we have completely forgotten.... the album Memories of Home may be the first time these tunings have been heard for centuries. "

What prompted me to look for the roots and history of music, was my never ending curiosity to find out more about why I am teaching, and the more I look, the more I see and find well-being, emotional healing, good feeling. There is so much wisdom still needing to be uncovered, from Sumer to old Greece and Rome,... and amazingly, in these old times heptatonic scales, similar to our modern Major and Minor scales were used. Let's work on those scales, again,... Well played scales in a slow to medium tempo really are very relaxing and beautiful,... Eva

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