Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MTAC Certificate of Merit (TM)

Congratulations to everyone who participated and tested in the Certificate of Merit (TM). I am very happy to announce, that everyone from our Studio, passed their exams. All the hard work, extra theory hours and additional practice, paid off.

Please, congratulate:

Bret Paddock, Level 8 Branch Honors

Theresa Pailma, Level 6 Branch Honors

Corrina Conway, Level 6 Branch Honors

Justin Markowitz, Level 7 and Graduating Senior and Branch Honors

Ranen Unger Hicks, Level 1

Mitchell Johnson,Level 6 Branch Honors

Shalini Nair,Level 8 Branch Honors

Alex Few,Level Adv Branch Honors

Cindy Liang Path B, Level 6

Chloe Lovato, Level 4

Cynthia Nguyen Phan,Level 6, Convention

Kathleen Nguyen Phan,Level 2

Sierra Rupnow,Level 4

Andrew Vu, Level 5,Branch Honors

Nessa Vu, Level 2

Victoria Vu, Level 3

Jothy Yogarajah,Level 6 Branch Honors

Antonio Pontarelli, Level 8 Branch Honors

Sai Sivapalan,Level 9 Branch Honors

Kelly Rausch, Path B Level Prep

Maxine Imura, Level 6, Branch Honors

Shanti Ryle, Level Adv Branch Honors

Sharmini Premananthan, Level 7 Branch Honors

Niranjana Premananthan, Level 1

Vinayak Pillai, Level 6

Vishakh Pillai, Level 3

Song Nguyen, Level 2

Jessica Behar, Level 2

Kenna Behar, Path B Level Prep

Brittany Durgiah, Level 3

Cambria Justine Lauritsen, Level 4

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