Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Jakarta Post - The Journal of Indonesia Today

The Jakarta Post - The Journal of Indonesia Today: "'I want my recitals to be different, because my point of piano playing is basically speaking a language on piano and sharing my story on piano. I want people to understand the story. It is a kind of magic circulating between the audience and me. We are one together, the piano, audience and I. It is definitely not a traditional piano recital with a black suit.'
For his concert in Jakarta this year, (Adam) Gyorgy plans to play some new improvisations, followed by virtuoso pieces that are almost acrobatic classical repertoires. This, he believes, will attract a younger crowd."

Adam Gyorgy is an extraordinary pianist, the choice of repertoire is unusual: a Liszt Paraphrase and improvisations amongst others. I wish, I could attend. Good luck, as always.

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